Slice of Life 1: A Birthday to Forget

I almost forgot that it was my birthday today.

To be fair, it wasn’t actually my birthday. Perhaps forgetfulness is one of the side effects of having a Leap Day birthday in a non-Leap Day Year.

That said, I think I also forgot because I’ve been too busy—too busy to remember.

For too many reasons to count, this school year has been a particularly challenging one. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to fill in as interim department chair, take on an action research program, and teach a brand new course all at the same time. Just last week, I spent no less than 15 hours on online scoring training for the new course, which has been a worthwhile if not exhausting experience so far. Add to that the many afternoons running my boys from basketball practice to piano lessons to  prep—and I’m pretty sure I’m squeezing in more than 24 hours in a day. (Maybe that Hermione Granger time-turner necklace I have really does work.)

Still, I wonder if forgetting my birthday isn’t just another thing that happens as we grow older.

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