Slice of Life 2: Dreaming of Disney

I am not a person with a lot of time. But in the chaos of my life, I’ve managed to find time to plan—and overplan—our upcoming Disney vacation this summer.

I have mixed feelings about Disney. As a company, Disney seems to have its hands in everything these days, especially now that it has the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. I’m well aware of how the marketing geniuses in Anaheim, Burbank, and Orlando have conspired to infiltrate my life in any number of nefarious ways. I’ve seen nearly every Disney and Pixar movie, and I will openly admit to listening to the Moana soundtrack as I shuttle the boys around in my minivan (I mean, if Lin Manuel-Miranda’s involved, it’s got to be okay, right? And as a fellow island person, and despite criticisms of misrepresentation, I was surprised by how powerful it was to see a heroine like Moana on screen and to watch that heroine with my boys).

From our last trip to Disney in 2012.

Our first and only trip to Disney as a family was in 2012. The boys were 7, 5, and almost 2. Only our oldest remembers that trip with any kind of clarity, but his brothers, even the youngest, remember that they enjoyed it. We weren’t planning to go for another year or so, but after my mom gave us Disney travel gift cards for Christmas, it was hard to pass up the opportunity to go sooner rather than later.

So somewhere in the constant state of busyness that defines my life these days, I steal time—minutes-that-turn-into-hours researching everything Disney World-related. Read more.


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