Day 14 Catalog Poem for a Snow Day

My awesome colleague Michelle is always quick to remind me that the energy I direct to any situation determines how it plays out. Because I have lived that out in practice, I decided to have an enjoyable snow day with my boypie. And, because it seemed poetic, of sorts, I offer the following catalog poem as today’s Slice of Life.

Snow falls, and I sense the building crescendo behind my right eye signaling a migraine.
Snow falls as I creep from my bedroom and onto the couch in the living room, pushing aside his owl pillow and a hungry kitten and falling asleep again.
Snow falls as I hear “Mommy! I’m up!”
Snow falls and, in quick succession, he eats breakfast, builds a fort under the table, and washes his trucks with a paintbrush and a cup of water. I do want to scream because while it seems that hours has passed, I realize it’s only been 20 minutes.
Snow falls: time for a call home to my mother and sister while E squeals with joy, asks them the same question over and over (and they answer it!), and tells them he is ready to see them soon.
Snow falls and it’s time for a Paw Patrol marathon for him. Online shopping for me.
Snow falls. Nap time. Finally. Back to my couch for the episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” where Izzy is going to die. Then, a quick click over to the more comforting rerun of “Beverly Hills, 90210.”
Snow falls and Kelly, Dylan and Brenda make this the best day ever. At least for the next 20 minutes until his nap is over.
Snow falls and we’re in the after nap homestretch. Because it’s a snow day: MORE Paw Patrol.
Snow falls and I remember how much I love baking. I try a new recipe for my birthday cake this year and E joins me for a moment to stir the batter, lick the beaters, and parade around the kitchen in his apron. He’s nearly naked and we have a dance break before he leaves me to complete his television watching.
Snow falls. Dinner time. I finally master how to cook the perfect pork chop. We eat them, while I admire how brown and savory they are, and I eat both of our kale and beet salads (because he won’t).
Snow falls: teeth brushed, 10 Tiny Babies read, boypie tucked in, sleepy head kissed.

Snow falls and I’m back on my couch, marveling at what a changed attitude can do to make this snow day a day of grace.

This post is part of the Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers, who have created a space for writers and teachers of writers to come together. To learn more about this challenge, click here.

To learn more about the Heinemann Fellows, click here.


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