Fatigue & Gratitude

I am tired. I thought spring break would be the magical moment at which I turned the corner. The unexpected death of one of my dear former students just a day into my vacation, however, left me unable to recoup any energy - emotional or physical. Quite frankly, what I'd most like to do right … Continue reading Fatigue & Gratitude


They never told me . . .

They taught me how to write goals and objectives. You identified┬ástatic and dynamic characters with 100% accuracy. They told me I needed to be engaging. I used music, movies, and humor . . . Oh the guffaws that filled the room when Abigail Williams became Abitramp. They said hands-on experiences are best. I took you … Continue reading They never told me . . .

An Excerpt From Truth: The 508 Day One-Night Stand

the day i met amy tan "my mother was nuts," she announced unabashedly, later further elucidating... "two eyes smashed upon the cold, black street like," some fish she hardly articulated "mine, too, is" i thought as she unveiled her muse "i bet they always spell it wrong," she later smiled unaware of the tears she'd … Continue reading An Excerpt From Truth: The 508 Day One-Night Stand